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Want a Hobby License before Independence Day?  Apply by June 17th!

Want a Hobby License before Independence Day Weekend? Apply by June 17th!

To receive a Hobby License before the 2020 Independence Day holiday weekend that begins on July 3rd, we must receive your application no later than Wednesday, June 17th.

      If you would like to obtain a South Carolina Hobby License to collect artifacts and/or fossils from submerged sites in state waters before the 2020 Independence Day holiday weekend, we must receive your application by Wendesday, June 17th. 

The average turnaround time for a state Hobby License card is about two weeks from receipt of the forms and license fee payment. Individuals who miss the June 17 application deadline will not receive a license card before the holiday weekend.  Should you miss this deadline, please understand that we are unable to respond to requests for preferential or expedited processing ahead of other individuals in the applicant queue who are already awaiting a license card. 

Of course, if you have held a Hobby License in the past, please make sure each of your quarterly Artifact and Fossil Reports were submitted and approved before you send us an application for license renewal. An incomplete report history from a previous license term will result in return of the fee payment and unneccesary delay until the reporting deficiencies are addressed by the applicant.  If you did not report during each quarter of a previous term, please contact us before you apply to find out how you can restore your license status to good standing with a 6-month provisional license term.

As always, current copies of the license application and license renewal application forms are available for download on the Hobby License Forms page 24/7.  If you would like to get licensed ASAP, please read the application instructions on the forms page carefully and get an app in the mail to us today!