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Arts and Digital Media Workshops for Adjucated Girls

Three times a year, WWBI plans and facilitates three arts and digital media-based workshops for young women, ages 12-17, participating in Lexington County Juvenile Arbitration. The Juvenile Arbitration program is a diversion program, initiated by Solicitor Myers and directed by Kathryn Barton, that aims to keep youth out of the formal justice system by issuing community-based sanctions, such as the arts workshops. WWBI workshops use art to promote engagement with and discussion of everyday issues these youth face. Frequently discussed topics include: relationship violence, peer pressure, drug abuse, and body image. Some of the art techniques used to discuss these issues include writing poetry, making mixed-media collages, and producing/editing videos. Workshops are held at various community locations in the Cayce/West Columbia community. During the academic year, WWBI graduate students, Women's and Gender Studies interns and student volunteers facilitate the workshops. During the summer, Olga Ivashkevich, a professor of Art Education at USC, plans and facilitates the workshops.