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College of Arts and Sciences

Solomon-Tenenbaum Film Screening: Denial

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 - 7:00pm

Location: Russell House University Union Theatre, 1400 Greene Street

As part of the Fall 2017 Solomon-Tenenbaum Lectureship in Jewish Studies, there will be a free screening of the film “Denial” starring Rachel Weisz and Tom Wilkenson. The 2016 movie is based on a book by speaker Deborah E. Lipstadt.  A professor at Emory University, Lipstadt was sued for libel in 1996 by David Irving for having called him a Holocaust denier. After a 10-week trial in London, in an overwhelming victory for Lipstadt, the judge found Irving to be a “neo-Nazi polemicist” who “perverts” history and engages in “racist” and “anti-Semitic” discourse.

Sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences and the Jewish Studies Program