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SC Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology

Archaeology Month 2017

This year's Archaeology Month theme is "Archaeology in State Parks"

Archaeology Month events for 2017 will be offered in September, October, and November, as well as into next year. Events and programs will be developed by dedicated professionals, avocationlists, and organizations in order to bring our state’s prehistoric and historic past to life for all ages. Through such public outreach efforts, the archaeological community hopes to build regional and local public support for the preservation of our Native American, African, and European heritage. Please see the Calendar of Events below.
By sponsoring an annual event like South Carolina Archaeology Month, the archaeological community of South Carolina intends to: 1) Stimulate public pride in our state's 14,000-year archaeological heritage, 2) Increase public understanding of why archaeological research is important, 3) Heighten public awareness of how many archaeological resources are lost each year in South Carolina, 4) Educate the public about what they can do to help protect, preserve, and study the state’s archaeological resources, and 5) Get more people involved in legitimate archaeological activities.
Archaeology Month activities will begin in October 2017 with a variety of statewide events focusing on prehistory, history, cultural heritage, and historic preservation. The fall event focuses on cultural programs offered in every corner of the state, including county museums, county parks, state parks, and national parks. Each year the month-long event produces a topical poster focusing on current archaeological research in the Palmetto state. This year’s theme is entitled, “Archaeology in State Parks,” which features several State Historic Sites that offer unique archaeological opportunities. Please contact Nena Powell Rice at the SC Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology at USC at (803) 576-6573 for further information. Please come by SCIAA to pick up free posters.
The 30th Annual Archaeology Field Day, sponsored by the Archaeological Society of South Carolina (ASSC), will be held at the University of South Carolina Aiken in conjunction with the 32nd Annual Science Educational Enrichment Day (SEED) on Oct. 7, 2017. Please check out the ASSC website,, for updates of scheduled program events and demonstrations as we get closer to the date.
Dozens of statewide organizations will offer programs in most corners of South Carolina in Fall 2017 and into to next year. Keep this listing as a reference. Please call archaeologists listed below if you find artifacts on your land.


PDF icon 2017 Arch Month Poster 2017 front.pdf PDF icon 2017 Arch Month Poster 2017 back.pdf PDF icon 2017 Calendar of Events