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Boat in the marsh at Baruch Institute

School of the Earth, Ocean, and Environment

The environmental challenges of modern society are many. Our mission at the School of the Earth, Ocean, and Environment (SEOE) is to achieve an understanding of the Earth’s diverse environments through research, and to convey that understanding through education and outreach to the broader public community. The School is designed to promote interdisciplinary collaborations throughout the University and beyond, and to enhance partnerships with federal and state agencies and the private sector.

Students in the SEOE have access to an unusually broad and diverse group of faculty, with more than 140 scholars from a range of synergistic disciplines. This university-wide platform for creative, interdisciplinary approaches to environmental issues helps equip students with the background and skills needed to address the pressing environmental challenges of the 21st century. 

Depending on their field of interest, undergraduate students can earn a BA in environmental studies, or BS degree in marine science, environmental science, geological sciences, or geophysics.  At the graduate level, the School offers the Ph.D. and the MS in geological sciences or marine science; the Master of Earth and Environmental Resources Management (MEERM) degree; and dual MEERM and Juris Doctor degrees in collaboration with the USC School of Law.  The latter is a streamlined program for students seeking both the Master’s and Law degree.

The SEOE plays a primary role in promoting awareness of environmental issues on campus.  It partnered, for example, with University Housing to build a “green dorm” that has won national acclaim for its use of sustainable technologies and practices for saving energy and resources.

We must learn to use the wealth of our earth, oceans, and the environment wisely in order to ensure a sustainable future for our children and generations beyond.  Please take a tour of our website for more details on how the School of the Earth, Ocean, and Environment is helping to do just that.