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Russian and Eurasian Studies

Russian and Eurasian Studies

Following tremendous change in the last few decades, Russia and neighboring countries remain significant players on the world stage. If anything, the study of the influence of this region has become more nuanced.

Despite turmoil and instability in some parts of the region, Russia and its neighboring countries have a key influence in international affairs, particularly as the world looks to this region as a major source of oil and gas. The Russian and Eurasian Studies program sponsors international speakers to campus to speak on topics relating to the area of the world that includes Central Europe, Russia and the Caucasus, and Central and Northern Asia.

Russian and Eurasian Studies is interdisciplinary and brings together faculty from fields that include Russian politics, history, geography, literature and culture.

With its Caucasus and Caspian Basin Initiative, the Russian and Eurasian Studies program leverages the expertise of A&S scholars and guest speakers on Georgia, Armenia and the Caspian Basin (Iran, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, southern Russia and Azerbaijan) to offer lectures and roundtable discussions on the culture and politics of that region.

The program also offers an undergraduate minor in Russian and Eurasian Studies and research grants to faculty and students through the Walker Institute of International and Area Studies.

Visit the Russian and Eurasian Studies Program website.