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Professional Science Master's Program

Professional Science Master's: Bioinformatics

Increased food production, malnutrition, waste management, fossil analysis, DNA testing for criminology and paternity testing – these are a few of the diverse applications of biotechnology. Bioinformatics, the application of IT in biotechnology, requires a cross-discipline education in science, IT and mathematics.

Advancements in the collection of biological data have exciting potential for improving our lives. Rapid scientific advances in the area of molecular biology have created extensive databases. Much of this information comes from DNA sequencing – for organisms ranging from disease-causing micro-organisms to the complex human being. There is a high demand for professionals who can apply IT and work with vast biological databases for a variety of research and industry applications.

The Professional Science Master’s in Bioinformatics degree program meets that demand by providing a comprehensive curriculum that combines coursework in bioinformatics, genetics and biology with computer algorithms and statistics. In addition, students take Business and Legal Issues for Science Managers and Scientific and Technological Problems in Business and Industry - courses unique to the Professional Science Master’s program.

An internship with a business, government agency or a national laboratory rounds out the student experience.

Students graduate with advanced scientific knowledge, practical knowledge and leadership skills, preparing them for successful careers in this rapidly evolving field.

Vistit the program's website for more information.