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Dishes and lights under a microscope

Professional Science Master’s: Biotechnology

Biotechnology holds the promise of feeding the world and curing diseases. The applications are so broad and compelling, most industries are looking at ways to apply the science. The Professional Science Master’s in Biotechnology degree program provides students with scientific knowledge and business skills for careers in this rapidly advancing field.

Biotechnology is rapidly evolving, with new discoveries and applications that are having major impact in such diverse areas as pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, textiles, aquaculture, forestry, chemicals, household products, environmental cleanup, food processing and forensics. Professionals who possess a sound scientific background and good business sense are in high demand in this field.

Students in the Biotechnology program learn the advanced applications of cellular and molecular biology, environmental microbiology and plant biotechnology techniques. In addition, the Professional Science Master’s in Biotechnology degree program collaborates with other professional schools on campus to offer students training in management, intellectual property and public relations issues in science-based business.

Students graduate with versatile skills that prepare them for careers with biotech companies at the forefront nationally and globally, as well as with regulatory and advisement agencies.


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