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College of Arts and Sciences

Physics and Astronomy

Physics and Astronomy is a strong and vibrant department with an internationally recognized faculty, vigorously pursuing world-class research.  Their ties to several national and international laboratories and physics-related industries, as well as our interdisciplinary efforts, provide students with access to cutting-edge research in almost all areas of contemporary physics.

A degree in physics and astronomy from the University of South Carolina prepares students for many career paths including astronomy, astrophysics, medical physics and geophysics.

Undergraduate B.S.

The undergraduate program in physics is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of both experimental and theoretical physics. The applied major is designed for students seeking employment by industrial or governmental laboratories upon completing their B.S. By a suitable choice of electives students will also be prepared for graduate study in the other sciences, mathematics, medicine, or engineering or to enter the University’s special teacher education program that leads to a master’s degree and teacher certification.

Graduate: M.S. and Ph.D.

The College of Arts and Sciences offers both a M.S. and Ph.D. in physics. The programs include nuclear and particle physics, theoretical and computational physics, astronomy and astrophysics and condensed matter and nanotechnology. The Ph.D. degree is awarded to those students who have satisfied the faculty that their knowledge of, and insight into, physics and their demonstrated ability in planning and carrying out research publishable in standard refereed physics journals have prepared them for a scholarly career in physics with the potential for continued professional growth and achievement. The primary means of demonstrating this is a dissertation based on original research carried out by the student.


Department Chair
Milind Purohit

Undergraduate Director
Dr. J. Wilson

Graduate Director
Richard Creswick

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