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College of Arts and Sciences


There are many ways to help, support and give back to the College of Arts and Sciences. The Office of Development invites you to call or stop by our office to discuss what would work best for you.

Office of Development Staff 

Vinnie Suarez Senior Director of Development 777-4232  HUO 001A
Kim Jeffcoat Director of Development 576-6596 HUO 001D
Rebecca Kilgore Assistant Director of Development 777-7111 HUO 001F
Dena Byerly Development Coordinator 777-6502  HUO 001B


Giving Opportunities

Offering career advice and mentoring students, attending alumni events and receptions and participating in our committees are just some of the many ways that you can give to the College. In addition, The College of Arts and Sciences has established many funds to which you can contribute if you would prefer to help financially. Some of them are Department specific while others are focused on providing support to the many educational and research centers and institutes within the College.

Please remember that no amount is ever too small and we are continuously looking for your contribution in whichever form you would like to offer it. We are grateful for the strong alumni support base that we have and would like to build upon it so that we may grow even more and share our pride in our University and more specifically, the College of Arts and Sciences.


Ways to Give

Below are examples of different ways in which you can give back to the College, thus helping to ensure a high level of academic excellence.

Gifts of cash
 The easiest gift to make and the one most often made is the gift of cash. Cash gifts are tax deductible and thus will reduce the "out-of-pocket" cost of the gift. You may make payments with cash, check, or money order, payable to the USC Educational Foundation, with College of Arts and Sciences in the "For" line. You may also make a credit card gift online by visiting Make Your Gift to USC.

Matching gifts 
In many cases, your employer will match your gift to the school. When not prohibited by the employer, the matching gift is designated for the same purpose as the employee's gift. With this plan, the value of your gift can double, in some cases, triple. Please contact your employer's matching gift coordinator and send the required forms along with your gift designating the USC Educational Foundation.

Planned or deferred gifts 
Life insurance can help you make a generous gift at a relatively modest annual cost. The low premium expenses make it advantageous for younger contributors, while older policyholders garner tax-planning benefits if they contribute policies that are paid up (if they no longer need them).

A specified bequest of money or property in your will is the simplest and most logical method to support a particular academic program. This document is revocable at any time by the donor. Proportional bequests are ideal for contributors not ready to specify the exact size or purpose for their gift. No matter the type, the planned gift is a perfect way to leave a lasting legacy through the College of Arts and Sciences.

 A memorial gift is an excellent way to honor a deceased friend or family member, and the College of Arts and Sciences welcomes such thoughtful remembrances. A memorial card is sent to the next of kin or other person designated by the donor. Examples include endowed memorial funds carrying the deceased person's name (for gifts of $5000 or more) or smaller remembrances such as a library book carrying a memorial bookplate. Whichever you choose, the spirit of the gift is in remembering a loved friend or family member while simultaneously giving another a chance at a better life through education.

For more information on charitable giving for the College of Arts and Sciences, please feel free to contact us.