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College of Arts & Sciences
Institute for Southern Studies

Cotton in the American South & Beyond: A Conference

Call for Papers

“Cotton in the American South & Beyond”


22-24 October 2015




Cotton, as the registered trademark of Cotton, Inc. announces, is “the fabric of our lives.”  It is examining cotton’s fabric—the myriad ways that cotton has shaped, and continues to shape, the lives of Southerners and the history of Southern culture—that our conference “Cotton in the American South & Beyond” plans to explore.  We envision three days of multi- and inter-disciplinary presentations and conversations centered on the regional and global significance of cotton.


We welcome proposals for both individual papers (20 minutes) and panels (75 minutes, three or four participants) from any discipline or perspective.  Broad topics might include, but are not limited to, plantation culture, race relations, immigration, genetic engineering, the environment, public health (in the fields and the mills), trade, public policy, labor relations, textiles and fashion, global trade, and representations in film, literature, and music.


Please send 250- to 500-word abstracts no later than 30 September 2014 to:


Robert H. Brinkmeyer