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Interdisciplinary Mathematics Institute

Interdisciplinary Mathematics Institute

The Interdisciplinary Mathematics Institute is an internationally recognized mathematics research center, fostering advanced research and creating solutions for real-world problems.

One of the great challenges of the 21st century is the development of efficient and accurate numerical models for complex physical, chemical, biological and social processes. The Interdisciplinary Mathematics Institute is developing novel mathematics and numerical algorithms to address problems of critical importance in government and industry. It is one of the world’s leading centers for image and signal processing – with significant potential for commercial and military applications – and one of the University’s main hubs for numerical computation. The research areas of the Institute mesh in meaningful ways with those targeted by the State and the University in nanoscience, biotechnology and telecommunications.

Since its inception in the early 1990s, the Institute has generated substantial external grant funding from the state, from industry, and from the federal government, primarily through the Department of Defense and the National Science Foundation. Its members include a number of prominent University researchers in mathematics, chemistry and biochemistry, engineering and physics, as well as researchers from other institutions. In addition, a cadre of distinguished mathematicians and scientists serve as advisors.

The Interdisciplinary Mathematics Institute sponsors a Distinguished Lecture Series each year, as well as seminars on general and international topics, numbers theory, combinatorics, nanoscale theory, applied and computational mathematics and more.

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