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Anthropology Research

Department of Anthropology

To effectively study concepts like diaspora, we work together with other university departments, international programs and private sector teams. Working together is what makes us human.

The study of humans, which includes the social and physical development of our species, is a subject of enduring interest to most people.  The University of South Carolina’s Department of Anthropology provides students with unique educational opportunities in four areas of specialization:  cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, biological anthropology, and archaeology. 

Widely acknowledged as one of the top five programs in the nation in historical archaeology of the African Diaspora, the Department of Anthropology also provides one of the country’s finest training grounds for students interested in Southeastern archaeology.  The archaeology program maintains a close collaboration with the South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology (SCIAA) and with a vibrant private-sector archaeological community.

The department’s strength comes, in large part, from its tradition of forging unique partnerships, both within the University and beyond.  All of our faculty members participate in at least one interdisciplinary program on campus, leading to lively student interactions. Our professors have geographical specializations in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, North America, Asia, and Europe, with a broad focus on comparative diasporic studies and social justice.

The Anthropology Department offers programs leading to the B.A., the M.A., and the Ph.D. degree.  Undergraduate students (currently more than 130) can also choose a Research Track/Intensive Major leading to a Bachelor of Arts with Distinction in Anthropology.  Graduate students (currently more than 30) are encouraged to take part in community-academic research collaboration; several faculty members and graduate students are engaged in long-term community research partnerships.  Students have opportunities to participate in research and fieldwork both abroad and locally.

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