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College of Arts & Sciences
Center for Science Education

MESAS Contest Registration

Please click on the following link for access to the online MESAS contest registration. MESAS CONTEST REGISTRATION


 INSTRUCTIONS: (Failure to follow these instructions properly can lead to disqualification of the entrant’s contest. However, they will still receive a certificate of recognition for entering.)


  1. Fill in all parts of the registration form. Have your teacher, parent or legal guardian fill in the sponsor’s information.  Finally, ask your teacher/sponsor to fill in the school/teacher information.  Your teacher/sponsor will receive an email confirmation after the registrstion is completely filled out.  Please print off the email confirmation and attach it to your contest submission.

  2. You can find a copy (or extras, if needed) of the South Carolina Academy of Science MESAS Mail-In Contest at as well as dates and other important information.

  3. Place all answers to MESAS test questions on the pages of the contest.

  4. This contest is for students ONLY. We encourage their use of any and all resources available, including the internet. Adults supplying the answers take away from the spirit and goals of this contest: to allow children to find new ways of learning, and encouraging the use of various methods of research, especially the scientific method.

  5. Attach and return all entry & rule forms, the email confirmation page from your sponsor, and your completed contest and entry fee of $5.00 (see below) by Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

  6. Mail to: Dr. Don M. Jordan, USC / Center for Science Education / Sumwalt Room 321 / Columbia, SC  29208.