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College of Arts and Sciences

Comparative Literature

The interdisciplinary comparative literature program at the University of South Carolina offers students the opportunity to fashion their own intellectual journeys. The program has a rich history of producing quality graduates who go on to find successful positions teaching at a wide variety of institutions.

The Comparative Literature program has been ranked among the top ten public programs in the country by the National Research Council.  The program also has as its advantages a major research library and a newly updated and expanded curriculum.

Undergraduate: B.A.

Undergraduate students learn from native speakers, benefit from innovative web-based programs where they interact directly with their peers in other countries, and study with professors who have written the books they use in courses. Courses explore linguistic competence, theoretical fluency, and broad literary culture.

Graduate: M.A. and Ph.D.

The MA and Ph.D. programs are built around a core curriculum grounded in the history of literary criticism and theory. Students are then encouraged to move out from this core by developing their own degree plans and research agendas, which combine in exciting and innovative ways the study of language, literature, art and culture.


Department Chair
Nicholas Vazsonyi

Program Director
Jie Guo

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