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College of Arts and Sciences

Chairs and Directors

The College of Arts and Sciences department chairs and program directors are the leaders within the college's academic units and serve as liaisons between the administration and faculty. Chairs and directors are responsible for stimulating and encouraging diversity and professional growth among unit faculty and students.

Department Chairs

Anthropology Ken Kelly 777-6500
School of Visual Art and Design Peter Chametzky (Director) 777-4236
Biological Sciences Johannes Stratmann 777-9964
Chemistry and Biochemistry Ken Shimizu 777-5264
Criminology and Criminal Justice Brandon Applegate 777-7097
School of Earth, Ocean and Environment Carol Boggs (Director) 777-4535
English Language and Literature Nina Levine 777-4203
Geography John Kupfer 777-5234
History Christine Ames 777-5195
Languages, Literatures and Cultures Nicholas Vazsonyi 777-4881
Mathematics Anton Schep 777-4224
Philosophy Michael Dickson 777-4166
Physics and Astronomy Milind Purohit 777-8105
Political Science Todd Shaw 777-3109
Psychology Doug Wedell 777-4137
Religious Studies James Cutsinger 777-4100
Sociology Douglas Anderton 777-3123
Statistics John Grego 777-7800
Theatre and Dance Robert Bourne 777-4288

Directors of Graduate Studies

Anthropology Jennifer Reynolds 777-2392
School of Visual Art and Design Andrew Graciano 777-6631
Biological Sciences Jerry Hilbish 777-4142
Chemistry and Biochemistry Tom Bryson 777-9850
Criminology and Criminal Justice Bobby Brame 777-3623
School of Earth Ocean and Environment Joseph Quattro 777-4142
English Andrew Shifflett 777-4203
Geography Jean Ellis 777-1593
History Matthew Childs 777-3189
Languages, Literatures and Culture Fancisco Sanchez 777-9734
Linguistics Mila Tasseva-Kurktchieva 777-8312
Mathematics Ognian Trifonov 777-3882
Philosophy Michael Stoeltzner 777-1805
Konstantin Pollok 777-3737
Physics and Astronomy Richard Creswick 777-3766
Political Science Timothy Peterson 777-3109
Chris Witko 777-3109
Psychology Bret Kloos 777-2704
Steven Harrod 777-4137
Scott Decker 777-4137
Mark Weist 777-4137
Sociology Brent Simpson 777-3123
Statistics Xianzheng Huang 777-5389
Don Edwards 777-7800
Theatre and Dance Amy Lehman 777-6352
Women's and Gender Studies J. Daniel Jenkins 777-4708